Terms and Conditions

USER AGREEMENT (hereinafter "Agreement")

1. Terms and definitions

1.1. Website - //annaeshwood.com// (the Site)

1.2. The administration of the site – Anna Eshwood LTD

Registration number 8386072

Registered address: 43 Talbot Road North, Wellingborough, England, NN8 1SG

1.3. User - a natural person who has accepted this agreement either personally or through a legal representative, giving the Administration your personal data of such a range and volume that are requested by the Administration.

1.4. Personal data - any information relating to a specific or defined physical person (personal data subject), directly or indirectly. In this User agreement the user's personal data mean, including the ones that he pointed out himself: surname, name, middle name; mobile number; email Address; date of birth; details of the main identification document of the User, time of issue and issuing authority; information on place of residence: region, district, city or town, postcode, street name and house number; a user Account in a social network (the network).

1.5. The processing of personal data means any action (operation) or a combination of actions (operations) that are performed using means of automation or without such funds, in relation to personal data, including collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, improvement (updating, changing), extraction, usage, transfer (distribution, granting, access), depersonalization, blocking, deletion, destruction of personal data.

1.6. Automated processing of personal data - processing of personal data by means of computer technology.

1.7. The provision of personal data means actions aimed at revealing personal data to a specific person or specific people.

1.8. Locking of personal data means the temporary cessation of personal data processing (except when the processing is necessary for the improvement of personal data).

1.9. Improvement of personal data - actions in which result it is impossible to restore the contents of personal data in the information system of personal data and (or) the result of which material carriers of personal data destroyed.

2. General provisions

2.1. The user hereby agrees that by visiting the Website, he confirms that he has read and understands the terms of this Agreement, and agrees and undertakes to observe them.

2.2. The processing of personal data is performed in accordance with the Policy in relation to the processing of personal data, "Ann Ashford", OOO (link).

The site administration ensures the confidentiality of personal data.

When registering on the Website the User consents to the processing of personal data in the prescribed form (link).

If Ordering on the Website by the User without registering the User-provided personal data are processed for the purposes of execution of the sale and purchase of goods/services for online learning between the site Administration and the User.

2.3. If the User does not agree to all terms and conditions of this Agreement unconditionally, the User shall immediately discontinue use of the website and all its services.

2.4. User registration on the Website is considered completed from the moment of receiving from the User confirm via a response to the email sent to the User via the email address specified during registration on the website.

2.5. Placing an order to purchase products or online course

2.5.1. The User's order is placed by the User on the Website.

2.5.2. To gain access to the online course, you should choose the product that you wish to purchase in the section "Online Academy", after clicking the "Buy" button the item will be added to the cart.

2.5.3. After the closing of the purchase is necessary to go to the cart page after clicking "proceed to Checkout" to fill in all order details, including payment information.

2.5.4. If all information was entered correctly, the order will be placed and money will be deducted from your account.

2.5.5. After payment on the materials selected and paid for a course will appear in the User account.

2.5.6. Rights and obligations of the authority and the User is created immediately after receipt of a payment from User.

2.5.7. Proof that the User signed the Agreement, is evidence of payment of the invoice in full before the Administration. Any other evidence of the Agreement will not be considered.

2.6. Placing an order product:

2.6.1. To make a purchase, the user needs to choose the right product. The administration ensures that the product page contains a complete information about this product and its consumer properties.

2.6.2. The purchase is done directly on the product page. In order to make a purchase, you need to choose the corresponding function item, and then clicking "Purchase" the item will be added to the cart.

2.6.3. After the closing of the purchase is necessary to go to the cart page after clicking "proceed to Checkout" to fill in all order details, including payment information. If all information was entered correctly, the order will be placed and money will be deducted from your account.

3. The rights and obligations of the parties

3.1. Rights and obligations of the User:

3.1.1. During registration the User agrees to provide accurate and reliable data requested during registration, namely:

-e-mail address;

-surname, name and patronymic;

-address of residence/delivery;

-the name of the company;

-phone number.

Personal data are stored in the database of the Administration and shall be used only for such purposes, in such a manner and to the extent that is provided by the User based on the user consent to the processing of personal data.

3.1.2. Using the website, the User agrees not to perform any further actions (these actions can further be referred to as "Prohibited practices"):

- not to impersonate another person to gain unauthorized access to accounts belonging to other persons, or engage in any other illegal activities on the Website;

- do not use the website for any purpose other than receiving access to the services of the website, as the Administration offers to access these services;

- don't hack the technology, not to reverse engineer or attempt to discover the source code of the website or any part thereof, or in any other way;

- do not use scripts (programs) for automatic collection of information and / or interaction with the Web site and its services;

3.1.3. By using this Website, the user agrees not to commit the following:

- spread threat, defamatory, prohibited or harmful information that violates the right to privacy and image rights, and inciting violence, racial or ethnic hatred;

- use the Site for political, promotional, commercial and/or other purposes;

- take any action prohibited by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

Seller takes effort to provide users with accurate and relevant information. However, it is impossible to ensure absolute reliability when transmitting data and information through the Internet, thus, the Seller cannot guarantee the accuracy of all information on this Website. The information provided on the Website may be inaccuracies and omissions, particularly as a result of illegal actions of third parties. we Ask You to inform us of any errors or omissions via the contact form online store.

3.1.4. If the Administration determines that the User performed any of the actions specified in clauses 3.1.2, 3.1.4. of this Agreement, it reserves the right to immediately block access of the User to a Web site that does not exempt him from any other types of liability in accordance with the laws of England or the Russian Federation.

3.1.4. The user has the right to use the website and the services Web site in any manner which is not contrary to the laws of England or the Russian Federation depending on the territory of the country there has been a violation of law by the User.

3.2. The rights and obligations of the Administration:

3.2.1. The Website administration is entitled to grant the User access to the Website and maintain the website and the Services operational.

3.2.2. The Site administration reserves the right to monitor User activity in its use of the Website and its services, as well as in case of identification any action User / Users that do not comply with this Agreement or legislation. to limit or stop their access to the Web site.

3.2.3. The administration may carry out maintenance or other work to provide access to the Website without prior notice.

4. Liability of the parties

4.1. The Responsibility Of The User.

4.1.1. By accepting this Agreement, the User understands, accepts and agrees that he shall:

- to bear full responsibility for the content and compliance of all materials posted on the Website, the norms of English and Russian law;

- to bear full responsibility for the compliance of all the ways to use materials presented on the Site, the norms of English and Russian law (including, without limitation, legislation governing the use of intellectual property and protection of information) and materials provided to them (User) directly;

- use the Site at your own risk.

4.1.2. The user agrees to settle all claims of third parties in connection with any actions or omissions of the User when using the Website at its discretion and at its own expense.

4.1.3. The User hereby acknowledges and agrees that the IP address of the personal computer (personal computer identification number) of the User, as well as any other information accessible via the HTTP protocol, is recorded by the Administration’s technical means, and in case of illegal actions, including actions violating the intellectual rights of third parties and the Site Administration, the owner of a personal computer identified by the technical means of the Site Administration is responsible for It seemed an illegal action in the amount of losses of the Administration site and payment of penalties in the amount of 500,000 ‎£.

4.2. The Responsibility Of The Administration.

4.2.1. The administration is not responsible for any actions of Users or third parties who use or visit the Web site in the Internet and outside it (offline).

4.2.3. The administration does not cover any damages, both direct and indirect, which have been caused to User or third parties resulting from the use or non-use including loss of use of the Web site.

4.2.4. The administration is not responsible for the content of any websites not related to the Administration, which may be present on the website, and ensures their availability, correct operation and compliance with the stated theme. 4.2.5. The administration is not responsible for any errors, omissions, interruptions, deletions, defects, delays in processing or transmission, failure of communication lines, theft, destruction or unauthorized access to materials posted on the Website or in any other place. The administration is not responsible for any technical failures or any other problems of any telecommunication networks or services, computer systems, servers or providers, computer or telephone equipment, software, email service or script errors due to technical reasons.

4.2.6. The administration is not responsible for any damage to User's computer or to any other person, mobile devices, any other equipment or software that is caused by or associated with downloading materials from the Site or links posted on the website: www.annaeshwood.com.

4.2.7. Under no circumstances Administration shall not be liable to User or any third party for any damages, including loss of anticipated profits, or lost data, damages honor, dignity or business reputation caused by the use of the Web site Network. -The Site content or any other materials that the User or other persons got access with the Web site, even if the Administration warned or raised the possibility of such damage.

4.2.8. Web site or its Services may from time to time be partially or completely unavailable due to preventive or other works or for any other reasons of a technical nature.

4.2.9. Administration is not responsible for loss or damage of any kind incurred as a result of a breach by the User of the requirements of the security Agreement to access data - login and password, as well as conformity of Personal data, the facts and the legality of their transfer from User to Administration.

5. The intellectual property

5.1. The administration of the Site hereby warrants that it has sufficient exclusive rights to design elements and overall design, trademark, text, graphic images, illustrations, videos, scripts, computer programs and any other results of intellectual activities created by the Site Administration in the framework of the Website.

5.2. Except as expressly provided in this Agreement, and applicable laws, any results of intellectual activity posted on the website and constituting a component of the Web site (complex object) may not be reproduced, processed. , distribute, make available or otherwise use in whole or part without prior permission of the Administration, except when the copyright holder agrees to use the result of intellectual activity of any person.

5.3. Any use of the website or materials, except those permitted in this Agreement or in the case of explicit consent of the author (copyright owner) to such use, without the prior written permission of the copyright owner or the Administration of the Internet. -Ordering is strictly prohibited.

5.4. This Agreement does not grant the User any rights to any intellectual property of the Website Administration (including, without limitation, the trademarks listed on the Site) or third party if such transfer / granting exclusive rights not directly specified.

5.4. If this Website expressly stated otherwise, the copyright owner or licensee of the results of intellectual activity and means of individualization, used on the Site, including photo and video materials, information and text links, all content provided in the learning process to the User, as well as other intellectual activities, is the administration of the site.

5.5. Design and development of the Website, information materials and training programs posted on the Site or included in the online programmes of study to which access is provided to the User, represent a significant investment. In this regard, except as expressly provided in this agreement, the Administration does not grant Website users any rights in respect of the Website, its content also appeals to the Website exclusively for personal and private use. Is prohibited any use, reproduction or representation of the Site (partially or fully) or its constituent elements, the information provided to the User in the process of passing it-LAN learning for other purposes, including but not limited to, use in commercial purposes.

6. Advertising-newsletters, hyperlinks, user reviews, cookies.

6.1. Advertising and information distribution:

6.1.1. The site administration has the right to send advertising and newsletter as a registered user and non registered users, but carried out the subscription to this mailing list by filling out the appropriate form on the Website.

6.1.2. Registered users receive promotional and newsletter in relation to the goods/services sold by the Seller activities the Seller by email, through SMS messages, telephone calls and other means of communication confirmed by the User during registration.

6.1.3. The person who has made a subscription to receive promotional and newsletter by filling out the appropriate form on the Website (assuming the input e-mail address) and non-registered users will receive promotional and newsletter solely on the specified e-mail address in respect of Goods and activities conducted by the Administration of the site and/or its counterparties in relation to the goods/services. To opt out of receiving promotional and newsletter by clicking the link provided in every sent as part of such promotional and informational mailing, the email.

6.1.4. For registered users opt-out of receiving advertising and information distribution can be accomplished in any convenient way:

- a personal account by opt-out of the mailing list.

- by clicking the link in each aim in the framework of such promotional and informational mailing, the email;

6.2. Hyperlinks:

6.2.1. Hyperlinks on the Website may lead to third party websites (third Party sites), the Seller has no control over the content of such third Party sites. The seller is not liable for information and/or content hosted on such third-Party sites, methods and procedure for their functioning, as well as the processing of personal data. The seller does not guarantee authenticity or accuracy of the information and/or content hosted on third Party websites. Because hyperlinks provided on this Website to facilitate user navigation in the Internet, the appeal to third-Party sites is at the user's choice, the user is solely responsible for all actions associated with the transition to third-Party sites and their use.

6.3. User reviews:

6.3.1. Each directed by the user for posting on the Website review of the Goods and any other material posted by the user on the Website, shall be deemed the result of intellectual activity.

6.3.2. The user, when placing the Opinion, as well as other materials ensures:

- review or other material are original and own work of the user is not a copy or processing of any other works owned by third parties;

- a third person has copyright or other rights of revocation and/or any material posted by the user and the user ensures that the publication and use of opinion and/or material will not result in the infringement of intellectual property or other rights of third parties. Directing the review and/or material, the user hereby undertakes at his own expense to resolve claims by a third party concerning copyright or other rights granted (s) opinion (s) and/or material (s), The seller is not liable for infringement of copyright or other rights for opinion (s) and/or material (s) because of the placement of the opinion (s) and/or material (s) on the Website;

- the content of the opinion and/or material, and the fact that the publication of this opinion and/or material does not violate any applicable requirements of the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

6.3.3. The site administration has the right to conduct moderation of reviews and/or materials and to prevent placement/delete the opinion and/or material that violate applicable laws and/or harm the business reputation of the Administration of the website.

6.3.4. From the moment of sending the User relevant feedback and/or material for posting on the Website the exclusive right to appropriate feedback and/or material are transferred in full (alien) the Administration of the site without paying for it any remuneration. Since an appropriate opinion and/or material the user also gives consent to the Seller for inclusion in the focused review and/or material changes, cuts and additions, the supply of opinion and/or material for the use of illustrations, Preface, afterword, comments or any explanations.

6.3.5. The user cannot claim any refund or compensation of any kind, which may arise in connection with the transfer of exclusive rights is located (e) opinion (s) and/or material (s).

6.3.6. The site administration has the right to use and dispose all data received from the user of the results of intellectual activities (reviews and/or materials) in any way (no limitations) and for any purpose not inconsistent with existing international law and the laws of those countries in which the distribution is made (including, but not limited to, processing, transfer, publication in mass media, including international, Internet, Social networks, use as part of advertising campaigns) on the territory of all countries of the world. The user acknowledges that use of the feedback and/or materials by the Administration of the website does not infringe the moral rights of the User.

The site administration has the right to use reviews and/or materials with the name of the author, and without specifying the name of the author (anonymous use).

6.4. Cookies:

6.4.1. The site administration has the right to use cookie technology. (cookies — service information sent by a web server to the user's computer, to store in the browser. Used to store data specific to the user and used by the web server for different purposes).

The cookie allows to obtain information about the IP address (the unique identifier of a device connected to the local network and/or Internet) Site visitor. This information is not used by the seller to identify the visitor.

6.4.2. The administration of the site uses cookies to enhance the effectiveness of visits of the User of the Site and to perform certain functions, including the traffic analysis.

6.4.3. Administration of the website does not use cookies to store any personal User data that can be read and understood by others.

6.4.4. Administration of the website does not use cookies to track usage of the Internet User after visiting the Website, with the exception of the demonstration of the online store the User visits other sites.

6.4.5. The site administration may place their cookies on the web sites of the partners that demonstrate the brand advertising and (or) products/services Site. These cookies are mainly used to show the User the appropriate content that meets the interests of Users, and to assess the effectiveness of Site content (including advertising).

6.4.6. In order to restrict cookies or block all cookies, the User must change their browser settings.

7. Dispute resolution

7.1. The user who believes that his rights and interests were violated as a result of the actions of the Administration or of third parties related to placement of materials on the Website, directs the administration of the claim, which contains a complete description of such violation with evidence of such breach at the e-mail address: (hidden) which will be considered within 30 (Thirty) calendar days.

7.2. The user who sent the claim to the Administration, undertakes to provide it with information confirming the fact of violation of his rights. If the User provides false information about the violation of their rights, he bears full responsibility for damages (including costs, fees and legal costs).

7.3. In the event of a dispute related to the execution of this Agreement, between the Administration and the User, it should be resolved through negotiations, and if agreement cannot be reached in accordance with the laws of England, notwithstanding conflict of laws, which can serve as the basis for the application of the law of another jurisdiction.

8. Other conditions

8.1. The administration has at its discretion the right to make any changes to this Agreement at any time. Information about these changes will be posted on the Website at least 7 (Seven) days before they become effective.

8.2. The site administration may make the decision to change the content and information presented on the Website, and any change of this Agreement, including, but not limited to, for purposes of compliance with the new applicable laws and/or regulations and/or to improve the Website. Any changes and/or amendments must be integrated into this Agreement. Is the user's responsibility to monitor any changes in the Rules of use. Since moving to the Website the user accepts all terms of use, including provisions regarding COOKIES.

8.3. The information to be sent to the User on behalf of the Administration, if it has been sent to the email address specified by it in the provision of their personal data.

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