Teach Me to Breathe the Sky
Dont You Know You Mine Remix
I Thank You - Remix
Shadow Of Your Love Remix
You Are Fading
Make Your Story
I Never Let You Down Again
I Thank You
Favourite Sin
Forever Young
Shadow of your love
Dont You Know You Mine


I took up singing in 2016. It was the result of an irresistible desire to do it which I had in me since childhood. But like many people I managed to find reasons why I shouldn’t do what I always wanted to do, what has been my dream.

The main reason being that it was too late, that I should have started when I was young, that the ship has sailed. In 2016, there was a point in my life when I felt a feeling of dissatisfaction.

It did not leave me no matter what I did.I could not understand it properly, I felt it instinctively, deep in my chest. I started searching. I searched for myself, for my voice, for my soul, for the knowledge.

Your voice is a feeling that aspires to the world. It says who you are, what lies deep in your heart. Look for your voice, learn to feel it and it will reveal your soul. I hope you will enjoy my first album. It was written with love and maybe it will strike home.

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