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Anna Eshwood Online Academy

Online academy provides profound understanding of haircutting skill. Doing one course after another students immerse in the skill and systematically accumulate knowledge with the help of video lessons and lectures.

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Online Education

Technical skill, just like any other accurate and essential skill, demands devotion, regular training and time. It is like doing sports professionally or playing a musical instrument. Everybody understands what needs to be done in order to become a prodigy. Our skill is not an exception.

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MASTERS 1 year intense course

If you share our philosophy and approach to hairdressing skill, if you want to collaborate and grow with our brand, if you dream to improve the quality of our skill by teaching it correctly, the license training is for you. Please, study our philosophy and mission carefully. You have to understand that in order to deliver information correctly you have to be devoted while mastering the skill yourself and to practice it constantly.

MATRIX 9 method

This is the official right to use our materials and teaching techniques with the help of website resources. Online academy is an exclusive convenient instrument that can be used to teach the fundamentals of our skill in colleges, as well as privately.

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