The 3 day workshop is an intensive and reliable way to get good haircut skills and improve your understanding of Vidal Sassoon's theoretical geometric method created by him in the 60s.

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A detailed study of the nine fundamental shapes which the technical skill of haircuting is based on. Study of nine diagrams and practice – study of expanded shapes and design. A thorough study of the theory of fundamental shapes, techniques and five instruments, used to control designs and their geometries.

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The path of the master is systematic annual training that gives a master the basic knowledge and all the tools necessary to learn how to work with hair as if it was a construction material, according to the laws of geometry and design.

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Men's Classics

The course is designed to master the design and the correct proportions of the shapes used in men’s haircuts. This course tells about the principle of controlling square geometry, how the body position affects the shape and its proportions and balance; it also includes the diagrams of the four fundamental shapes used in the construction of designs and their proportions.

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