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Hair Craft

Our mission is to create cultural movement inside the profession. We teach our students to work with hair according to the laws of design and geometry. Our main task is to create a functional design that will last for a long time and do it following the rules of minimalism. Nothing extra!

A haircut is a construction, which must be built according to the laws of geometry and correct proportions. Disregard of these laws and intuitive visual approach result in bad mistakes and non-functional designs of poor quality. Proper technical construction of hair designs is a complicated skill that demands dedication.

If you're doing something, do your best.

We believe that when you choose a profession or a craft, you get on the path of self-improvement and you have to contribute to this profession. It is not just a way to earn your living; it is your individual path!


Convex Sharpening

Anna Eshwood by Togiya Scissors have convex sharpening, so the edges are rounded. They do not pinch the hairs and make the work process as silent as possible. Their thin tip allows you to work with the smallest details and has a rounded point that reduces the likelihood of injuries. Anna Eshwood by Togiya Scissors are made of molybdenum alloy with the addition of vanadium and cobalt, which prolongs their operational lifetime.

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We provide knowledge for the chosen ones, for those who want to master technical skill and become expert designers and real professionals.

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