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User - a natural or legal person providing their personal details to the Web site by submitting Applications, is posted on the Web site, registering on the website, and subscriptions. the news site.


2.1. This privacy Policy is developed in relation to the processing of personal data of users of the website (hereinafter — the Policy) applies to the official document of the Administration of the Site, which determines the order of processing and protection of personal data of natural and legal persons who use the services of the Website and provide their personal data for the administration of the site.

2.2. The purpose of this privacy Policy is providing adequate protection of User information, including personal data, from unauthorized access and disclosure.

2.3. The relations connected with the collection, storage, dissemination and protection of User information governed by this privacy Policy and applicable laws.

2.4. The current version of the privacy Policy is a public document developed by the Administration of the website and accessible to any user on the Internet when you click on the hypertext link "privacy Policy".

2.5. The Site administration has the right to make changes to this privacy Policy.

2.6. In the event of any change in this privacy Policy, the Site Administration notifies users of any such changes by posting the new privacy Policy on the website //

2.7. When the User registers on the website and signs up for a news Web site, the User agrees to the terms and conditions of this privacy Policy.

2.8 the Administration of the Site does not verify the accuracy of received (collected) information about the User.


3.1. Under the User's personal data means:

§ personal data that the user provides about himself independently at registration (creating an account) on the website or in the course of using the Services;

§ surname, name, patronymic, date of birth, address (es) of delivery, contact information (phone, email); gender;

§ technical information, including the address of the Internet Protocol (IP), which were used when connecting the user's computer to the Internet, login and password, the type and version of web browser, time zone, types and versions of assistive software built into your browser, operating system and platform;

§ information about the user's visit, including the route of movement with full unified indexes information resource (URL) when navigating to the website, when you move through it and exit from it (including date and time); products viewed or for which he made a search; the response time of the page loading error, the duration of visits to certain pages, information on working with the page (scrolling, clicks and mouse), the methods used when navigating away from the page;

§ the type of device from which you access the sites or mobile applications you are administering/used by the Company;

§ location;

§ information about the address (s) of my (their) account (s) in social networks;

§ data specified by the data subject in its own (s) the account (s) social (s) network (s), with the exception of information deemed by law to special categories of personal data and biometric personal data;

§ information about the order (s) of the goods (order history), the room (s) order (s), information about the degree of satisfaction with the performance by the Company of the agreement;

§ other information about the user, collection and/or provision of which is determined by the Company to provide certain Services later, as explicitly specified when ordering individual Services.

§ surname, name, patronymic, date of birth, address (es) of delivery, contact information (phone, email); gender;

§ surname, name, patronymic, date of birth, address (es) of delivery, contact information (phone, email); gender;

3.3. Transfer of personal data by the User to the Site Administration by filing posted on the Website, registering on the Website or subscribe to the news of the Site constitutes consent to the transfer and processing of their personal data.

3.3.The administration of the Web site handles User information, including personal information such as name, surname, middle name; email address; telephone number; address of residence/delivery; links to his social networking profiles, etc., as well as additional information of the User granted to them according to his own will: organization, city or locality, position, etc. for the fulfillment of obligations of the Web site to the User.

3.4. Personal data processing is carried out based on the following principles:

a) the legality of purposes and means of processing of personal data and integrity;

b) the correspondence between the order of processing of personal data and the purposes, prior defined and stated in the collection of personal data;

c) the correspondence between the volume and nature of personal data processed by the processing of personal data and purposes of processing of personal data;

g) prohibition of unification of databases created for incompatible purposes and containing personal data.

3.5. The provision of User's personal data Administration will be interpreted as specific, informed and conscious consent of the data subject or the legal representative of the personal data subject (User) to the processing of Personal data of the User from the Administration, its Partners and third parties engaged to process personal data on behalf of the Administration. The agreement provided by the User at their own request and at own will and in his favor.

3.6. The administration and its Partners ( in sales order processing, provide access to the online training, the delivery of goods to the User when ordering on the website) are data controllers in respect of personal data of Users and when they are processed, are guided by the requirements of international legislation and the legislation of the Russian Federation or England, depending on where the User is located the Website and which jurisdiction the Web site.

3.7. Personal data may be provided by the User by filling the relevant data in the registration form posted on the Website.

3.8. Responsibility for the legality and accuracy of the personal data of the User is only the person who provided it. The administration has no obligation to check Personal information provided by Users.

3.9. The task of processing of User's personal data Administration and its Partners are as follows:

- registration and authorization of Users on the Website to identify you for the purposes of communication and possible future cooperation and the provision of services;

- attracting users to participate in marketing research and the Administration of the site;

- compliance and implementation of obligations under the purchase and sale of acquired Users of goods, rendering of services for online learning or any other obligations under the User agreement;

- the answers to the User queries;

- provide information about products and services, including, including sending commercial communications by e-mail or other similar electronic communication channels (e.g. SMS), and also making phone calls.

- payment and save the PAYMENT DATA of the User in a private office or on the website (i.e. your credit / debit card. Providing consent to enable this feature, this information for autosaving User data for use in the new purchase on the Site, and this consent will be valid for future purchases. Storage and data transfer the User's Bank card shall be in accordance with the main standards of confidentiality and security of credit and debit cards, observing the requirements of data security standard payment card industry (PCI DSS). When you use this feature for security purposes you may need to change your password.

communication with the User, including notifications, requests and information associated with the use of the Services and to process requests and information from the User;

- improve the quality, ease of use of the web site;

- target user news and information;

- conducting statistical and other studies based on anonymous data.

3.10. The administration and its partners hereby provide the necessary measures to protect personal data from unauthorized access. All personal data that Users provide when registering on the Website will be stored and processed by the Administration and its Partners in accordance with applicable law and warranties set forth in this Agreement.

3.11. Consent to processing his personal data given by the User Administration in the adoption including the User agreement also constitutes consent to the transfer of personal data to the Operator of the CRM system and Implementing the Administration involved in the processing of personal data.

3.12.The user can at any time unilaterally terminate this User Agreement and withdraw his consent to the processing of personal data by the Administration and its Partners by sending the Administrator a notification to the email address:


4.1. The User's personal data should be stored solely on electronic media and used exclusively for the purposes specified in paragraph 3 of this privacy Policy.

4.2. In relation to the User's personal information should be kept private, except in cases where User information becomes available to the public voluntarily by the User.

4.3. Using the website, you can:

— use the buttons "like" and "share" information with Facebook, VK, Telegram, Instagram;

— consent to collection of information about cookies on the website which helps to track information about user activity including information about the type of device connected to the Internet, about the services the Company about your purchases and viewing the advertisement, regardless of whether the user account on the social network Facebook and whether it is connected to it.

When the User uses the data services of the social network Facebook, the Company collects data to help:

— show the user ads on Facebook (or Instagram, Messenger, WHATSAPP, Telegram, Instagram,YouTube or any other service-owned), which meets its interests;

— evaluate and analyze the performance of our sites/apps and advertising.

The company may use User's personal data entered by the User on the website (such as name, surname, email address, gender and phone number) to identify you on Facebook (or Instagram, Messenger, WHATSAPP, Telegram, Instagram or any other service) in order to show the user the information he is most interested.


5.1. Personal data will not be disclosed to third parties except in the following cases:

5.1.1. If the User has consented to such actions;

5.1.2. Transfer of personal data is necessary within a particular Service used by the User, or to provide Services to the User when processing orders for the delivery of goods under contracts concluded by the Administration of the site with third parties, subject to the availability of the commitments to the processing of personal data and protection of information as provided in this privacy Policy.

5.1.3. The cross-border transfer of personal data the Company shall ensure that the foreign state on whose territory it is supposed to transfer, provided adequate protection of the rights of subjects of personal data of the User, prior to such transfer. Cross-border transfer of personal data of the User on the territory of foreign States providing adequate protection of the rights of subjects of personal data of the User may be carried out in the following cases:

§ the consent of in writing subject of personal data on cross-border transmission;

§ the execution of the contract which is the subject of personal data.


6.1. The User's personal data stored on electronic media Site without a fixed term.

6.2. The User's personal data be destroyed on demand of the User on the basis of his request or at the initiative of the Administrator of the Site, without explanation, by removing the administration of the Website, information placed by the User.


Users can contact the Site for information relating to the processing of personal data upon request.


8.1. The Site administration takes technical, organizational and legal measures to protect personal data from unauthorized or accidental access, destruction, alteration, blocking, copying, distribution, as well as from any other illegal actions.

8.2. Personal data are stored and processed by the authority and its Partners, as well as Performers and Operator of the CRM system within the validity period of this User agreement, the terms of which were accepted by the User.

8.2. Measures to ensure the security of personal User data used by the Company:

§ purpose responsible for organizing the processing of personal data;

§ publishing of documents defining the policy of the Company in relation to the processing of personal data, local regulations on processing, and local regulations establishing procedures to prevent and detect violations of the legislation of the Russian Federation and international legislation in the field of elimination of consequences of such violations;

§ assessment of the harm that may be caused to the data subject in case of violation of the international legislation in the field of personal data by the ratio of said damage and measures aimed at ensuring compliance with international legislation;

§ introduction of the Company's employees directly engaged in personal data processing with the provisions of international legislation in the field of personal data , including requirements for the protection of personal data, documents, defining the Company's policy in relation to the processing of personal data, local regulatory acts concerning the processing of personal data and (or) training of the specified workers;

§ definition of threats to the security of personal data during their processing in personal data information systems;

§ the use of the past in the prescribed manner and procedure of conformity assessment of means of information protection;

§ accounting machine carriers of personal data;

§ detection of unauthorized access to personal data and taking measures;


9.1. The user may send their queries, including in relation to the use / deletion of their personal data referred to in paragraph 3 of this privacy Policy, by sending them in writing to the address of the Website Administration.

9.2. The request sent by the User must contain the following information:

for individuals:

- name, surname, patronymic;

- the date of registration through the feedback form;

- the query text in any format;

- signature of the User or his representative.

for a legal entity:

request in any format on company letterhead;

- the date of registration through the feedback form;

- the request must be signed by the authorized person with the documents confirming powers of such person.

9.3. The Site administration undertakes to consider and respond to a User request received within 30 days from the date of its receipt.

9.4.All correspondence received by the Administration from the User (application in written / electronic form) relates to limited access information and is not subject to disclosure without the written consent of the User. Personal data and any other information about the User who sent the request should not be used other than to respond to the received request or in cases expressly provided by law, without the special consent of the User.


Other rights and obligations of the Site Administration in relation to the User’s personal data are determined by international legislation in the field of personal data protection.

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