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My love story with hair began when I was a child. I watched my mother cut hair and I really wanted to do it too. But I was only a child, and no one trusted me. So I had to cut my dolls’ hair. When I got older, I switched to my friends, classmates and relatives. I cut their hair as I could, not knowing any laws, I just felt hair. It was my hobby. I was drawn to hair. Many years later I became a hairdresser. I worked visually for eight years. I attended a lot of workshops with different trainers.

In 2017 I finally attended a five-day training of my dreams. This training turned my whole world upside down. At last I realized that being a construction material hair is governed by laws and rules. I learned about geometries and techniques, proportions and balance. Since then I wanted nothing more than to master this craft at all costs. And my dream came true again. Fate gave me a chance to attend the annual training “Path of the Master” and I immediately decided to become a team coach. I followed my goal and reached it. Now I am a trainer of Anna Eshwood’s Art Team!

Every task needs discipline and our craft is no exception. Welcome to Anna Eshwood’s Academy!

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