Matrix 9 - Fundamental

Round graduation on a model


Video Tutorial


We are going to build a fundamental design. A round graduation. We will build it with broad, slightly inclined diagonal sections. We will distribute the weight in the internal part of the shape.

The expanded shape of round graduation starts from the temple. We have to construct a square flat cutting angle opposite the bone structure without elevation. After that we will move in a circle to the center of the shape. It is very important to follow the silhouette and move to the center. Don’t forget about the position of the client’s head.

The chin must be slightly elevated and parallel to the floor. The first section is cut without elevation. From the vertical section we start to follow the section with our fingers. The dynamics of the shape is directed to the center. The silhouette must be narrowed toward the center. The fingers mirror the section. Now we can shape the outlines. We are working with the external part of the shape. We return to the temple. The next section mirrors the previous one. The body position is opposite the section. It is strictly opposite the planar surface. The elevation rises. We start the construction with the wider part, as we need to obtain balance.


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