Men Design - Fundamental

Round graduation

Video Tutorial


I am going to show you how to construct round graduation on men’s bone structure. We will start from the side and direct the sections down. They will incline to the back of the head. We will construct the silhouette around the bone structure, maintaining the same length. On women’s bone structure the lengths are narrowed toward the back, but in men’s design they stay the same.

The sections incline from the face to the back of the head. The weight follows the incline of the section. The lengths at the temple and at the back of the head are the same. This will be our expanded shape. In women’s designs the shape comes closer to the back of the head.

But in this case the distance is the same. We start from the temple. The bone structure in the temple area is flat, that is why the cutting angle will also be flat. Taking the previous cutting angle we will construct a circle. The tension is even. We move to the back of the head. The lengths are distributed evenly. Make sure that the section is perpendicular to the bone structure. We work with slight elevation from the very beginning, as it is graduation. We will move as far as the center. Your body position moves from the temple to the back of the head.

Now we must stand opposite the temple. The cutting angle is flat. Then we start to move to the center.


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