Matrix 9 - Fundamental

Line technique three geometries

Triangular Line Diagram

Square Line Diagram

Round Line Diagram

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Line technique. The line is always built in the same way at the back of the head and it can have three geometries at the side. In this lesson you will learn how to build the line at the back of the head before the vertical section and how to construct three geometries of the line at the side - round, triangular and square. How do we start the construction of the line? First we locate the natural parting which can be central or side. depending on the client’s preferences. Then we separate the central section that must be strictly in the center and two main sections that will guide the cutting angle. This section is almost horizontal. When the head is tilted forward it follows the cheekbone slope. When the head has a straight position, the section looks horizontal. It is very important.

The key principle of the construction of the line is that your fingers must be situated in the center of the section and when we lower them to the cutting angle, they must mirror the geometry of the section, so that the cutting angle won’t be distorted. We work in the following way. We take the section and put the comb, which is our ruler, in the middle of the section. It copies the incline of the section. We put our fingers on the comb, make sure that the section and the cutting angle are parallel to each other, go down and construct the line. The body position is in front of the planar surface, in other words, opposite the center of the head. We stand opposite the central axis. Make sure that your fingers mirror the section. They do not turn horizontally. It is very important to follow this rule.


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