Men Design - Fundamental


Video Tutorial


I am going to show you a fundamental design which is called Facon. It is constructed from the center to the corners of the bone structure. We have to locate 5 corners like we do in every basic design. We start from the center and move to the corners. Than we move over to the side and continue first forward, and then backward to the corner. We build a planar surface. We will keep the maximum length, thus we will build the longest variation of Facon. We will construct a long fringe and won’t use shading.

In order to keep maximally long fringe we will work with horizontal sections and over-direct the sections back to the previous section. We will stop at the vertical section and start to direct all sections to it in order to keep maximum length. We will construct a planar surface and prolong it all the way. It will go as far as the corners of the shape. We locate the corners like this. On different bone structures they can be situated higher or lower. That is why you have to carefully locate them and only then start the construction of the planar surface.


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