Men Design - Fundamental

Crop with disconnection

Video Tutorial


In this lesson I am going to show you a combination. This design consists of the shortest variation of crop and a disconnected area which is longer. First we separate the disconnected area. Then we start to move along the head, constructing the shortest possible length with diagonal sections. We will build a planar surface. All men’s designs are constructed with planar surfaces. We will prolong it as far as the corner of the shape. The corner is located here. The over-direction is back to the previous section, it follows the planar surface. The fingers copy the incline of the section. We watch the distribution of weight and color. The elevation is 90 degrees. We work in parallel with the bone structure.

You have to understand the bone structure you are working with. If it is roundish and curves strongly then you should not choose this design. It looks much better on a flat bone structure. The texture of hair is also very important. You have to study it carefully at the beginning. If the client’s hair is thin and fine, you should not build this design. Longer length will look much better on such hair. Make sure that the sections are parallel to each other. The fingers are parallel to the section. The weight is distributed along the section. We gradually move down the silhouette. The cutting angle does not curve, it must be flat. Be careful with the elevation. Do not rise it higher that 90 degrees, otherwise the hair will move up, and we need it to move down.


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