Men Design - Fundamental


Video Tutorial


This design is called Crop. It is the shortest of all men’s designs. The length range is from 1 to 10 centimeters. We don’t construct this design on longer length as it won’t look graphical. We start every men’s design with locating of corners. There are 5 corners. We have to find them on the client’s bone structure. They can be located differently, as every bone structure is unique. That is why you have to pay close attention to the location of corners in the very beginning. From the center of the shape we will move to the corner first on one, then on the other side. The cutting angle will be flat. After that from the center of the side we will move forward, then backward to the corner.

And the same on the other side. Finally we will move from the center of the back of the head to the corners on both sides. After that we will polish the corners quite closely to the bone structure. It will depend on the given bone structure. If it is quite square, the corners will be polished closer to the head. It is crucial because the design is very short and we need to distribute weight and color evenly. If the bone structure is quite round, we will leave the corner or polish them very slightly. We also use shading in this design. It is not obligatory, but it will make the design more graphical, and it will be drawn nearer to the head. Though in this case you will have to be more careful with the distribution of weight and color. It must look uniform and natural. There must be no dark spots. The outlines will in that case disappear.


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