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Black Scissors

  • Thin rounded tip
  • Convex Sharpening
  • Blade Length 40mm (4.5in)
  • Made of Molybdenum Alloy

Hand-made scissors

The scissors are made according to the individual requirements and design of Anna Eshwood company by hand. The owner of the production is the last one of generation of samurais. His ancestors made and sharpened samurai swords at the same factory, so the knowledge of exceptional manufacturing and sharpening of tools is handed over from generation to generation.

Single product

Convex Sharpening

Anna Eshwood by Togiya Scissors have convex sharpening, so the edges are rounded. They do not pinch the hairs and make the work process as silent as possible. Their thin tip allows you to work with the smallest details and has a rounded point that reduces the likelihood of injuries. Anna Eshwood by Togiya Scissors are made of molybdenum alloy with the addition of vanadium and cobalt, which prolongs their operational lifetime.

License level 1

2 year Guaratnee

The warranty period is 2.5 years under adherence to the operating conditions. This lifetime does not mean that after 2.5 years they will be out of order. The scissors are covered with glossy or matt coating, and the thinning of the coating is possible.

Single product
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