Men Design - Fundamental

Basic layers

Video Tutorial


I am going to show you how to construct basic layers. The longest length is the corner of the lips, the shortest length is 10 centimeters. We will work with maximum length. First we must find the corners of the shape. On different bone structures they can be situated higher or lower, so it’s important to locate them. First we locate two corners on the sides, then the third one. We will build the planar surface from the center to the corner on the side and then prolong it to the corner on the back of the head. Then we locate the last two corners. They are situated diagonally, we locate them on the given bone structure and build the planar surface as far as these corners.

This planar surface goes towards the corner, as well as this one, and here too. You can build a planar surface only if the position of the client’s head is correct. Make sure that the chin is parallel to the floor. Control its position throughout the whole construction of the design. How do we choose the length? If we want the hair to reach the corner of the lips, we have to choose the length that will fall down and stop opposite the corner of the lips. We start to move towards the corner. Your body position is also very important. You must stand at arms length so that you can see the silhouette. If you stand to close to the cutting angle, you will see only the cutting angle. But you must see the whole silhouette and its geometry.


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