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Basic graduated layers with a parting

Video Tutorial


This design is called Basic graduated layers with a parting. We will separate the parting on the left side. We don’t separate the internal part of the shape in this design, we start constructing it right from the parting.

We begin with the narrow side, then we will build the left side, and after that the back of the head. First we have to separate the natural parting that our client prefers. Then we locate the corner of the bone structure and after that we separate the vertical section. We will work with horizontal sections and construct the silhouette at the temple. The elevation is lower than 90 degrees. The sections are separated horizontally and directed into the silhouette. After that, we will separate diagonal sections and build a planar surface that will reach the corner of the shape.

We stand in front of the planar surface that we are building, separate horizontal sections and begin to construct the silhouette, all the time controlling the elevation, which must be lower than 90 degrees. You have to turn your fingers along the planar surface. Do not turn them along the bone structure. We direct the section into the needed elevation and gradually shape the silhouette. The stronger is the texture, the curlier is the hair, the further from the bone structure we cut it. Curly hair tends to shrink, you must remember that. We move across the planar surface. We direct the sections down and into the silhouette with correct elevation. We continue as far as the natural parting. You must make sure that the sections are of the same width and parallel to each other. Do not lower the elevation. We constantly check the dynamics. From the vertical section we start to take inclined sections. The client’s head is tilted forward. The sections are diagonal. We stop cutting opposite the corner.


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