Anna Eshwood

I devoted 16 years of my life to mastering hairdressing. And spent 12 out of them in endless attempts to find schools, courses and people who could teach me a system and hairdressing techniques as a kind of art with certain rules. The system which I could share with others. After these 12 years of unsuccessful search I found myself in the world best and famous school of hairdressing in the center of fashion industry. In London.

I was absolutely sure that this school would give me the knowledge I had been pursuing for so many years! On seeing the top art I was dying to master it. Having completed the most expensive and advanced course, which costed me 15.000£, much to my surprise I was left with a feeling of disappointment! All I got were gleanings rather than systematized knowledge which didnʼt allow me to call myself an expert in the profession!

Eventually I understood that my techniques were not perfect. And the next step was to find out the secret of profession! I felt that I had to work for this company! I wanted to find out all components for the “recipe” and to mind proportions precisely so that I could create and write the system of teaching. The one I had always been dreaming about. Which I would be able to share with others!

I wanted to create the teaching system which would allow teaching of expert knowledge of hairdressing to every master. I wanted to teach according to this system in the top academy of the world. It took me 4 years to develop this idea and now I am ready to share it with you. I would like to teach you master skills of technically balanced haircuts! Strong, pure, flawless technique and 100% of understanding your profession! How many times have you caught yourself thinking you are not 100% sure of what you are doing? Do you rely on visual approach, working with pointing, rather than precisely know and understand the technique? Is your work technical at all?

Have you ever paid attention to the fact that every art (for example architecture, pictorial art or portraying) is based on strict rules, certain ʻpatternsʼ and laws which are followed when the material is processed and form is built? So does our art. If you really want to be an expert in your field of knowledge, you must know the rules and laws! That is not the number of competitions won or useless sheets of paper and diplomas received that define your level and make your technique and skill stronger. I think we all know that in our heart of hearts. That is real expert knowledge of your profession that makes you Godlike for your client. It is certainly going to turn you into a strong thinking professional who won’t have competitors!

Brief description of the course

My system is based on coaching and step-by-step approach. I strongly believe that only this kind of approach may give you profound knowledge and skills. Picking up scraps of knowledge is a waste of money. The system trains discipline which is the cornerstone of every art. The system presupposes numerous repetitions of certain techniques. It will help you to train and instill a profound understanding and perception of a form. You are going to learn proportions and techniques of shaping a form as it is. The system gives you profound knowledge and practical application of laws, which are followed by hair as a building material.

The point is that my system as every other discipline will demand from you great devotion, profound studying of the material, training and, of course, the strong wish to become an expert in your profession. Without all these factors I won’t be able to promise you success! If you scrupulously and accurately accomplish all my tasks, I can guarantee that at the end of studying you won’t recognize you work. It is going to be of an absolutely different skill level. You will have a full right to call yourself an expert in your profession! Moreover, you will be able to teach others our art professionally!

The system is comprised of 3 basic building Blocks and 2 additional ones:

Block 1
Fundamental techniques

Fundamental techniques are basic for the art of cutting hair as a material into a form. It includes theoretical knowledge and study of basic patterns and partings, rules of existing techniques of form building and the way they work. This Block teaches you and gives an explanation of how to hone technical skills.

Block 2
Fundamental forms

Having mastered, understood, studied and polished techniques of building forms you will be ready to deepen into studying forms as they are in 3-D space. Without this knowledge you won’t be able to master rules of proportion and balance. The block includes studying and polishing of three basic elements of form building: Direction of sections, Tension on the sections and Elevation of sections. These three key elements build technique and form. This part of the Block is the most difficult one for mastering. It needs strong concentration and intension.

Having mastered the key elements you will be ready for the 3rd Block.

Block 3
Combination of fundamental techniques and forms

This Block teaches you how to combine techniques and forms in the right way creating the proper balance and proportions. You will deepen your knowledge of the Golden Ratio and facial bone structure. You will also learn about the way the disbalance of bone structure influences on proportions of forms. You will find out how to build a form with ideal proportions, which look fantastic and attract attention. At this point you are supposed to make your technique and knowledge of form perfect.

And now you are ready for the next step.

Block 4
Disconnection (visible and hidden) Salon Creativ

This Block is an additional one and it requires from you a serious understanding and knowledge of fundamental techniques and forms. Without the three previous Blocks the studying of the Block 4 would be very difficult and ineffective. This knowledge will give you an opportunity to think in a creative way, to understand the reasons for using disconnection very well, to work with asymmetric forms keeping the harmony of balance. You will learn to create your own ‘patterns’ and forms, learn to think and reason out what you are doing. You will find out how to put your work on paper as a diagram and how to share your experience on workshops.

Block 5
Master training

This Block was created for stylists ready to move to the different level of our profession – teaching level. This Block is not taught without fundamental study of the four previous Blocks. You are going to study how to deliver the material in the right way, step-by-step. You’ll know how to do workshops and demonstrations on the podium for small and big audience. This Block includes a lot of practical work and is very interesting!

Course of male haircuts

This is an additional course which is based on the same step-by-step approach as the main course. It gives you profound knowledge and understanding of masculinity in forms. It provides you with strong technical and theoretical knowledge of male haircuts. The laws of masculine forms strongly differ from famine forms and need special understanding and studying. You will also develop your polishing techniques and the discipline of doing it. You will master the skill of paying attention to details, doing jewelry-clear work. This course will provide you with the technique of a strong master of male haircuts!

All my seminars are prepared and based on an individual approach to each client. I prepare an individual programme of studying and development for each client according to their level, skills and needs. If you really want to take your saloon to a totally different top skill level, I advise you the couch-training and pre-testing of your stylists for creating the effective programme.

Looking forward to working with you in the future.
With deepest respect,
Anna Eshwood.