License training

If you share our philosophy and approach to hairdressing skill, if you want to collaborate and grow with our brand, if you dream to improve the quality of our skill by teaching it correctly, the license training is for you.

Please, study our philosophy and mission carefully. You have to understand that in order to deliver information correctly you have to be devoted while mastering the skill yourself and to practice it constantly.

An expert is a person who has devoted to their skill their whole life.

It has maximum effect because of its duration and consistency.

It guarantees practical mastering of fundamental designs in a year.

License training has several stages:

  1. 6 hours of online preparations over Skype. You learn the theory and study nine fundamental diagrams and one additional diagram.

  2. 15 days of constant work with mannequins where you learn to apply theory to the practice and muscle memory develops. Students get all necessary instructions for individual growth after.

  3. Self-guided work in hair salons, development of personal file and turning in your work to your trainer via e-mail once a week. The trainer will give feedback on your shapes and monitor your growth until the next stage.

  4. 4 to 7 months later, depending on the scheduled dates, students come to another training session and practice the fundamental knowledge for 15 days. They work with silhouettes of shapes and bilateral symmetry of designs. They also work out correct proportions.

During this stage all the gaps are filled up and errors are corrected, which developed during individual work. Students understand silhouettes more and more. They work with the silhouette just as a sculptor works with his sculpture

If a student accurately follows all the instructions of the trainer, their progress will be evident on the third month from the beginning of training.

To achieve good results one must practice regularly and do all the tasks.

During the training, we place special emphasis on the art of rhetoric, which is necessary to get your message to an audience.

We practice speaking in front of an audience. We also talk about the importance of body language and dress code of a trainer.

If a student finishes the training and passes the exams, he or she has the right to teach using my system without intellectual property rights violation.

(We discuss all the details personally or over Skype. If you are interested in this opportunity, contact us via email…)

Who can participate?

Having experience is not obligatory.The less experienced a student is, the easier it is for him to master the skill. Because of the invalid education system hairdressers have a lot of bad practices and distorted interpretation of working with a design.

If students are very experienced, first, the trainer has to shatter stereotypes and illusions, correct the bad practices, and only then build a new frame. It takes much more time.

This training is for devoted people, who understand the value of good quality and want to match the level of European professionalism. It is also for those who want to educate other people and to raise hairdressing skill to a higher level.

For more information, please contact us via email…

We will contact you shortly and discuss your objectives.