License for teaching, using our Online Academy

This is the official right to use our materials and teaching techniques with the help of website resources.

Online academy is an exclusive convenient instrument that can be used to teach the fundamentals of our skill in colleges, as well as privately.

To have the right to use our online academy for teaching you have to complete our LICENSE TRAINING and MATRIX9 ONLINE TRAINING and to master the skill personally through practice.

We value our reputation. Our goal is to create a network of trainers, who will convey knowledge without distortions. That is why we are so strict about the certification of our prospective trainers.

You have to understand it from the very beginning of the training and do all the practical tasks carefully.

Study the information about the LICENSE TRAINING in the SEMINARS section.

If you are interested in teaching with ANNA ESHWOOD original methods, please make a request with a brief description of your goal on our email and we will contact you within three working days.