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Hello, my name is Alexandra, and I will tell you how I discovered a new world thanks to Anna Eshwood Ltd. I believe that meetings are not accidental. I think that each student must find his or her teacher. This moment is always very special; it is a marvelous insight when you realize that you have found your horizon. Imagine how difficult it is to find a measure of quality among people who are not striving to achieve the highest result.

I am sure you can imagine the joy of finding what you were looking for. My life goals are closely related to the philosophy of the company. It is a special way to get a deeper knowledge of your profession, to develop your potential. While studying here I have developed a number of very important qualities, such as discipline and responsibility, attention to detail, concentration, control and many others. Anna showed me a new level. It is also very important that I was taught how to reach this level.

At the moment, I am inspired by the realization that eventually all the knowledge that I have acquired can be passed on to other people. Any teacher’s reward is to see a kind of reincarnation in their pupils. Here one can find a sacred wisdom of life – conveying the quintessence of knowledge and experience and monitoring the development of the personality. Another important truth, revealed to me in the process of mastering our craft, is persistence. It is, probably, one of the main components of productive work. Your results depend on your persistence. You must try again and again until the goal is achieved. And always remember that you can achieve everything in this world, except something that you have forbidden yourself.

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