Anna Eshwood team

If you are ambitious, if you share our philosophy and our mission, if you want to be part of our brand, if you strive to master the skill of hairdressing to perfection, if you want to teach people competently, if you like to be onstage, and if you are ready to dedicate not less than five years to your professional growth working with us, we will gladly consider your candidacy.

To get shortlisted you have to do the following:

A) Send us a 5-minute video about yourself and explain the reasons why you want to be a part of ANNA ESHWOOD brand. It can be shot on any camera or phone.

B) Send us a 5-minute video of yourself delivering UNIVERSAL RULES OF FUNDAMENTAL DESIGNS lecture.


Before applying to be a member of our team, you must do MATRIX9 online course and/or MATRIX9 FUNDAMENTAL DESIGNS course with ANNA ESHWOOD team.


You cannot have an interview without this preparation!

Please respect our time!

If after watching your videos we decide to invite you for a personal interview, we will send an invitation with the date of the interview on your email.


Between sending your videos and receiving our feedback there may be a considerable lapse of time – from two weeks to three months depending on the scheduled interview dates.

We will definitely contact you with one of the following responses:

1) Thank you for your interest. We regret to inform you that you have not been selected for our team.

2) We regret to inform you that on this occasion you have not been short listed for an interview. Be sure to apply next time. In order to be short listed you will have to… (a list of things to work on prior next application).

3) You have been short listed and you are invited to attend an interview scheduled for the following dates. Please confirm your attendance by replying to this email.

If you want to apply for an interview, send your videos to ….